Ink of Genesis Literary Journal (Volume I, Issue 1)

The writers in this issue need no introduction because their work speaks for itself.

Readers will develop an affinity for all things literary as they immerse themselves in the content. They will rediscover a passion for all the ways life is worth living despite the current times. In fact, it is because of present circumstances that we must hold onto the most beautiful aspects of life and protect them at all costs.
One fact is certain. The Ink of Genesis Literary Journal, Volume I, Issue 1, will demonstrate why there has never been a better time for people to come to themselves and bloom.

Contributors: Robert Martin; Dr. James Piatt; Michelle Bayha; James Sutton; Ruslan Garrey; Ann Boaden; Arcadia Maria; Robert King; Pamela Wynn; Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Emma Johnson-Rivard; Mark Henderson; Alessio Zanelli; James Miller; Will Dolben; David M. Alper; Stephen Weiss; Margaret Holbrook; Casey Killingsworth; John Delaney; Richard Dinges, Jr.; Miriam Thor; Lynda Wilde; Michael Lee Johnson; Roosevelt Greer; Jessica Garrison; Thomas Sims; and Sherre Vernon

The Torrid Literature Journal is now the Ink of Genesis Literary Journal! Stay tuned for updates!


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release schedule

August 2024  - Ink of Genesis Vol. 1 Issue No. 2

October 2024  - Ink of Genesis Vol. 1 Issue No. 3

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