Volume XXV - Synergy

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Interview: Jolene Munch Cardoza 

Pig by Gale Acuff
Tracks by Marcus Benjamin Ray
My Pen, Your Pen by James Lewis Huss 
A Glass of Whiskey by Andrew Lafleche
Student Section by Scott Outlar
End of the Affair by Brittany Franclemont
Deliverance by Sterling Jacobs
My Space by Richard Dinges, Jr.
Thou Shalt Covet Thy Neighbour’s Life By Luigi Coppola
Deeper By Anna Linetskaya
Lost at Sea by Jolene Munch Cardoza 
Shudder by Dean Miller
I See Something Bolt Upright by Patrick Erickson
Gifted by Timothy Robbins
The Transport by Robert L. Martin 
Winter Poem Written in Summer and It Feels Like by Shaun Holloway
What I Enjoyed by Charles Rammelkamp
Red by James Howard
Silentium by Sara Bailey
Abruption by Sara Bailey
Southern Girl in Boston by Erren Kelly
Coffeehouse Poem # 291 by Erren Kelly
The Old Haunted Building by James Piatt
Cotton Candy Clouds by Rutendo Magade
World Revealed by Martina Reisz Newberry
The Disciple of Jesus by Jason Kirk Bartley
Supermarket by Constantin Preda
Story of an Artist by Jared Pearce

Push by Edward Lee
The Mummy by Liza Bencheikh
The Peak by Sacha Bissonnette
The Swimming Pool by Richard Risemberg





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