Volume XXVII fast-forward

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Katie Chicquette: Let the New Wind Carry You | Sestina: Screen Time
Gary Duehr: Transition
Susan Anmuth: It’s Alright, Ma
Nicholas Froumis: Good Accounting | Return to Sender
Wayne F. Burke: Chill | Ants
Christian Michener: Longfallen
Alyssa Harmon: Did You Know
Tom Montag: Untitled
Marlena Petra Cravens: Flavor
Jeremy Szuder: Willed Wordage
J.L. Moultrie: Stable | Memento
John Grey: My Stepfather
Bernard Pearson: My Friend the Portrait Painter | Musicality
Tiffany Washington: Split-Second Contrition
Antonio Vallone: Pack Horse Librarians | Her Mother’s Apron
Jason Bartley: He Stood In | I'm in a Battle
James Thurgood: In Second-Hand Stores
R. Gerry Fabian: Phoebus Apollo | Lost and Found
Ashley Honeycutt: Rising Sun
Erin Renee Wahl: Magma Opus: A Love Poem to Rock
Mandy Sandhu: Death
Michelle Bayha: Velda
Clifford Venho: Streets
Elvir Ciceklic: Ramblings of a Sinner – A Meditation on Luke 19.1-10
Kim Malinowski: Astral Marrow | Ascension
Emma Demopoulos: Early Mornings | Cutting My Hair
R. Nikolas Macioci: Seagulls at McGregor Bay, Canada | Hummingbird With Folded Wings
Cameron Morse: Rug Doctor| New Song
Melody Wilson: She Hasn’t the Patience | Water Rings
Michelle Bayha: The Actor’s Journey | Sincerity and Appreciation
James Sutton: Poetic License | Elegy for Berryma
Philip Wexler: War Stories
Richard Dinges, Jr.: Time
Thomas Benstead: To My Beloved: Assorted Fragments
Glenn Moss: Rust and Memory on The Dakota Plains | Shawl
Sarah M. Prindle: A Poem for Pompeii
Jason Visconti: Your Silly Similes
Ruslan Garrey: The Deer | Clean Companion
Ann Boaden: Gift | Cyclamen in Age
Arcadia Maria: The Sea and Anchor | When We Chased Dragons
Robert S. King: Time Shifts | The Power Switch
Grace Maselli: Little Dump Truck Olive
Casey Killingsworth: Dreaming in Fast Food Colors
Erren Geraud Kelly: Little Girl Blue | I Get a Kick Out of You
Duane Anderson: 612 West Thirty-First Street | A Choice of Paths
Alessio Zanelli: Sunset | Nevers | Native Place | On a Sailor’s Grave
Gonzalinho da Costa: The Scream by Edward Munch
Erin Renee Wahl: Nautilus
Emma Demopoulos: Small Talk
Jolene Munch Cardoza: Folly

Cover Artwork

After Mismaloya: Oil on Canvas 12 x 12"

Judith Skillman paints expressionist works in oil on canvas. She is interested in feelings engendered by the natural world. Her art has appeared in Windmill, Artemis, The Penn Review, Twenty-two Twenty-eight, and other journals. Skillman studied at McDaniel College and the Pratt Fine Arts Center. She is a member of the Seattle Artist's League.

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