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James Piatt: Nighttime in the Cemetery | Cement Grave | Confused Aspirations
Fabrice Poussin: Invisible | Rain in August | When You Pray
Alyssa Harmon: Thymesis
Sterling Jacobs: Solitude | Evanescence | Stardust
Brittany Franclemont: October Leaves
James Lewis Huss: Awaiting
Scott Thomas Outlar: Imagine Thirsting | Student Section
Andrew Lafleche: The Edge of Night
Patrick Theron Erickson: Leavetaking
Sara Bailey: Gravis
Cooper Young: Extinction Capital of the World | Voyagers
Jason Kirk Bartley: His Masterpiece | Blind, But Now I See
Dean Miller: When They Go
Audra Sandridge: Audra…Storm....
Erren Geraud Kelly: Back Bay Station, Boston | Grits
Dylan Newitt Allen: If Anxiety Were a House
Duane Anderson: Visibility: The Hallway Greeter
Marcus Benjamin Ray Bradley: Indicator
Miriam Thor: Testimony | Enough
John Delaney: Stoop | Giddy Up
Karen Webber: First Tulips
Edward Lee: Those Left
Katie Chicquette: Glacier | Shine | Unwriting Rules
Paul Lojeski: Near the End | Gifts and Givers, Disappeared
Allen Forrest: Indigo Man
Nicholas Froumis: Absence | Cycle | Family Portrait
John Tustin: Beautiful Things
John Grey: Sundown
Joe Albanese: Pieced Together
Richard Dinges, Jr.: Death of a Barn
Carlos Ponce-Melendez: Poem to Alzheimer’s No. 2| Poem to Alzheimer’s No. 3
Monica L. Moraca: Memories We Keep
Kristin LaFollette: Eighteen
Geoffrey K. Leigh: Shadows
Gracy Boes: Housefire
len Carber: On Finding A Dead Deer in My Backyard
Holly Day: Spring | Cerulean Warbler | Sunshine and Stars
John Charles (Chuck) Priestley II: In the Autumn of My Life
Errol Rubenstein: Body Check
Anna Linetskaya: A List of Things with Which to Feed the Flesh | In Pieces: a Villanelle
Gary Duehr: City of Angels | Quick Vacation
George R. Kramer: One Small Crack
Alan Elyshevitz: What to Expect

Tracy Whiteside: Under the Sea
Allen Forrest: Indigo Man