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Jolene Munch Cardoza: Purple Trees
Chelsea Rawlings: Needful Things
Clinton Inman: Just a Moon | Plato
Jim Landwehr: When I Get Big | Housed in Love
Jacob Erin-
Cilberto: A Gardener’s Motif | October’s Warning
Sterling Jacobs: Remorse
James G. Piatt: The Other Side
Sarah Brown Weitzman: In Her Eighties | The First Responders Never Got To Report
Jeremy Caldwell: Overtime | Watching a Beetle Cross the Carpet
Michelle Bayha: Angel of Love
Alex Taylor: Dear Friend
Brandon Marlon: The Gatekeeper
Colin Dodds: Feral Invisibility
Kirby Wright: Song For a Dying Atoll
Ladiny: Celebrate the Voice
Tom Speaks: I've Seen
Jason Kirk Bartley: Caught in a Storm
Margaret Holbrook: Passiflora
Patrick Theron Erickson: If Memory Serves Us Correctly
Marcus Benjamin Ray Bradley: Lies She Tells
Robert Joe Stout: Playing Cards with Mom
Kay Merkel Boruff: Pantomime
Howard Winn: Charade
Patricia Grudens: Sometimes I Drive into Brooklyn at Night
James Lewis Huss: It Sits


Mac McCaskill: Mile Marker 49
Katie Baker: The Girl in the Mist
Daniel Marrone: A Baby Named Hope

Current Issue

Torrid Literature Journal


TL Publishing Group returns to the literary scene with their latest release of the Torrid Literature Journal: Volume XXI Rediscovering the Passion II. In this issue, passion meets purpose. The contributing writers embrace their voices and speak their truth which will inspire others to do the same.

Readers new to the Torrid Literature Journal will quickly learn that this journal is more than just a collection of phenomenal literary material. It is a platform for diverse voices that are often overlooked in society. It is a space where writers can boldly embrace the gifts that make them unique. Readers familiar with this publication will gain a renewed sense of admiration for the written word as they read some of the latest material written by new and recurring writers.

Don't miss out on a chance to rediscover a thriving passion for the arts and life in general. Life isn't only short, it's also filled with unexpected twists and turns. Volume XXI shows readers how writers use their gifts to manage the tough and interesting times that occur in daily life. Join TL Publishing Group as they continue on their journey to encourage writers to speak their truth, perfect their craft, and embrace their voice.