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Let's talk poetry! editing services


Let's Talk Poetry! is a service division of TL Publishing Group LLC that provides editing services to writers.

We currently offer editing services for individual poems, poetry chapbooks, and full-length poetry manuscripts. Our services include but aren’t limited to proofreading, line editing, and typesetting. Our editors will examine your project and determine the best type of editing that is necessary while preserving your original voice and meaning.

EDITING services

Poetry Chapbooks and Full-Length Poetry Manuscripts

We take into consideration your writing style as we provide advice on how to improve your voice and the overall vision for your book. The scope of work for a complete chapbook or manuscript review includes:

  • Line edits for each individual poem to look for style inconsistency, repetition, and other general errors that occur in text.

  • Assessment of individual poems

  • Proofreading to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation 

  • Recommendations about the structure and order of poems
  • Title suggestions for individual poems and the entire chapbook or manuscript
  • Review of the manuscript as a whole, notating any strengths or weaknesses

This includes a free one-hour phone consultation with our editor. We will provide detailed feedback through email regarding our thoughts about the entire work, including any strengths or weaknesses. 


Typesetting is the last phase of the editing process. Our typesetting services are appropriate for writers who intend to self-publish their poetry book (or ebook) through third-party services such as CreateSpace or Lulu. We work directly with writers to ensure that their finished book is ready for printing and publishing. This includes: 

  • Adding in page numbers, headers and footers, and chapter headings
  • Formatting the copyright, forward, and dedication page
  • Formatting paragraph and character styles
  • Adjusting margins and alignment
  • Page and chapter design

Manuscript Consultation

All of our chapbook and manuscript editing services include a free one-hour phone consultation. We charge a small fee for any additional phone consultations that are requested. 

Individual Poem
We provide comprehensive reviews as well as a line by line edit with suggestions on how to improve the poem.


Our rates vary depending on the specifics of the project. All of our rates are affordable and they are tailored to fit the demand of the project. When we create a quote, we take into consideration the length of the manuscript, the type of poetry, and the type of editing the project requires. Rates can be hourly or flat-rate, as contractually agreed to between TL Publishing Group LLC and client. Please see the steps below to request a quote.

request a quote

1) To get started, request a quote from our Managing Editor, Alice Saunders, at Please include the following information in your email:


First / Last Name

Contact information (email address / phone, etc.)

A description of your project

A 10-15 page sample of your manuscript attached in a Microsoft Word file


2) Our editor will send you a quote for review. All clients will be required to execute an editing contract and pay 30% of the project fee upfront before services can begin. The remainder of the contract fee will be due once the project is completed.


Please Note:

  • All payments are final. The preferred method of payment is PayPal. Checks and money orders are acceptable but they must be made out to "TL Publishing Group LLC"
  • Payment plans are available
  • No refunds unless otherwise stated in the contract between TL Publishing Group LLC and client
  • Projects with a tight or short deadline will be assessed a rush fee
  • Free sample edits are available upon request
  • Clients are not required to accept our suggestions and recommendations
  • Clients reserve the copyright to their work.

We look forward to working with you! Contact us today to get started: 

Alice Saunders

Managing Editor